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Virtual Technologies: Hypervisor ,Xen, Viridian, Vmware , VMotion, Live Migration, Storage, SAN, Vmware Infrastructure 3, iSCSI,VMFS Technology, VM builder ,VMI, hypercall API, binary re-writing, Virtual PC, Virtual Server 2005 R2 (SP1), Virtual Server 2007, MMC 3, Microsoft VHD Virtual Appliances, , COM,WMI , Linux, RedHat, Suse.

Virtualization Products:
Good Virtualiztion Podcast about Windows Vista in virtual machine solutions vs VMWare

Longhorn (Server 2008)

Server Side:

Microsoft Windows Server, Code Name: “Longhorn” (Vista is the client).Longhorn default is 64 bit, 32 bit will have an extension of 32 bit
Download Link for Longhorn:

Currently in beta 3, you can download an ISO and install it on your machine.

Virtual Technologies:
Longhorn will be virtualization-ready
Microsoft’s Windows Hypervisor technology, code-named Viridian
Note: Linux vendors embracing hypervisor technology similar to

Hypervisor technology
Open-source virtualization foundation called Xen
A thin hypervisor layer (Low-level software burn on the chip)
It provide a real failover and dynamic resource allocation features you’ll
find in an enterprise product.



The technique!


A technique of modifying an operating system so it will run optimally on a


In simple words, it lets multiple operating systems share the same hardware


An operating system must be adapted for Xen to run best on the hypervisor

Requires: the CPU, to support the hypervisor technology.

Letting Linux adapted for Xen also run on Microsoft’s hypervisor.

Paravirtualization = downside for Vmware

Vmware Uses VMI Technology

VMware introduced VMI in 2005
VMI is a lower level interface than the Xen hypercall API.

It’s much more suitable to a binary re-writing hypervisor like VMware’s.

Hypervisor requires modifications to the OS

To enable it to co-operate with the hypervisor.
VMware gets around this today using binary patching, which modifies the guest “on the fly” by rewriting the codeThe performance benefits of paravirtualization have led all x86 OS vendors to adopt paravirtualization for their next major OS release (though Microsoft calls it “enlightenment”). Xen-style paravirtualization also allows OS vendors to ship the hypervisor with the OS: something VMware understandably isn’t that keen on.
Currently Xen technologies being used:
Suse Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Next Steps for XEN and VMI…

The Xen API is more extensive than VMI
Xen project began to work with VMware to develop a common set of kernel hooks that could accommodate the VMI and the open source Xen hypercall API.
Future Linux kernels will have a common hypervisor interface called paravirt_ops that will allow Linux to run on either Xen or VMware with high performance.
Virtualization blog

Microsoft Virtual Products:

Virtual PC
Make a Virtual Machine Your Safe Internet-Browsing Sandbox:
Download Now
Virtual PC Internet & Shared Folder tip

Virtual Server 2005 R2 (SP1)
Web Interface only
Works quite well under Windows XP and Windows Vista.
It provides All of The basic VM capabilities, including Intel and AMD hardware virtualization
Support and its surprisingly easy to use.
Linux Guest Support
, Storage SAN or iSCSI connection, Using Com Scriptable extensions

Upcoming Version: Virtual Server 2007
MMC- 3 Interface
8 processors and above
Using WMI Scriptable extensions
Requires AMD-V or Intel VT (IVT) enabled processorsOver 4 GB of RAM,64 bit

Live Migration which equivalent to VMotion

Technology, where you can do Live migration of virtual Machines
without service interruption.
Basically what it does its transferring the RAM from one physical
Virtual machine OS to another.

Vmware New Technologies

Vmware Infrastructure 3 Supports IScazi and not just fiber channel as well…
Up to 4 physical processors simultaneously

VMFS Technology

Vmware file system technology

VMFS is designed for high speed access and large file sizes and is way more efficient than NTFS when it comes to multiple simultaneous IO requests.

Microsoft Live Migration using NTFS

You can use a Central storage to place all of the virtual machines, for

example Netapp or EMC, Then create Separated LUNS

Format Using VMFS

This will enable R/W access to a file at the same

VMware Player 2 Beta

Over 60 supported 32- and 64-bit guest operating systems including Vista, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, Ubuntu 6.10 and many more…

Virtual Appliances

You can download any OS as an image for free!
And Install Vista in 10 seconds, no CD no License, with a few clicksCustomers just have to buy and download the virtual machine, power it on, provide few configuration details and reach an operational status in minutes.

Vmware mages: can download or create

Create A VM Image:
VM builder:
Easy VMX:
More Links: here

VMware Virtual Appliances


Microsoft Images: 1 clicks and downloads
Windows Server 2003 R2
Exchange Server 2007

SQL Server 2005
This fully functional pre-configured VHD provides you a trial software

will automatically expire after 30 days.

Microsoft VHD
allows customers to download virtual machines with most popular company back-end servers, like Exchange 2007, for immediate deployment inside Virtual Server 2005/2007.

Virtual Appliance Application

VMware, Firefox Browser Appliance
Securely browse the Internet using & Firefox. Run the Browser Appliance
with VMware Player.
VMware Images for download + guide:

More Images List

Market Status: VMware faces competition from open-source Xen

Vmware will lose its advantages
Case 1 Linux and Solaris will run on Microsoft
Case 2 Longhorn Server OS will be integrated with Windows Hypervisor.While VMware has a grip of 80% of the market, at the moment the largest majority of virtualized environments are Windows, and Microsoft is relatively friendly with 3rd parties’ virtualization platforms, allowing its OS to run inside any virtual machine

So it’s safe saying the VMware fortune mainly depends on Microsoft.
Still, Microsoft will have a hard time convincing costumers to migrate from Vmware to It’s Virtual Server due to its current Domination in the Virtualization market.

Other Products:
Parallels running Windows XP on Mac OS X





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