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Time to Reinstall

Episode 8: Time to reinstall
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Lots of software will not work with Vista yet
No VPN Client on Vista yet: Checkpoint notice
Windows Vista – Application Compatibility Issues
Good news: Vmware workstation 6 & VM Player 2 are now supports Vista
You need to turn UAC off if you’re running on Vista!
Control Panel//User Accounts and click Turn User Account Control on or off

Vista use Statistics: IDC predicts that by the end of the year, 90 million copies of Windows Vista should be installed.

pre to Windows Installation

Backup your important files & folders: SyncBack vs MS SyncToy, Fab’s Autobackup, FullSync, Rhinoback (backup open files)
For Vista: NTBackup Restore Utility
I recommend backing up your system to an Image file before & after installation
Backup pc from within Windows: Drive SnapShot: Download, DriveImage XML
Windows Updates Tip
It is dangers to stay without Windows updates even for 1 minuet
So maybe it’s safer to download the updates before you install windows
Make sure you have at least the Windows XP with SP-2 CD or use Autopatcher to download it manually. Howto

After Fresh Installation (Post).
Things to do before you connect to the Internet

Install your Hardware Drivers
If you are not sure, use: PC Information Tool: summarizing hardware, OS, and Software details
on your computer: Aida32, SIW, Belarc Advisor, Nero InfoTool
Check your display card:
settings by going to start , Run: dxdiag

Install Free Antivirus, Antispyware and Firewall
AVG free anti-virus
or Avira AntiVir
WindowsDefender and Adaware 1.06r1
FREE Comodo Personal Firewall
or ZoneAlarm
Now connect to the Internet
check which Service pack do you have installed: Start,Run: type “winver”
Incase you don’t have Windows XP SP 2, Download now

Widows Activation

First thing you got to do is make sure
you have all of the widows updates
But before you do that, make sure your Windows is Genie
Validate your copy of Windows is genuine: Mgadiag exe
Yes? /run windows updates
No? /Change to a Genie serial
Change the product key on Windows XP
: c:\windows\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a
Can also use: ProduKey utility to
display the ProductID and the CD-Key

Set Automatic Updates
Either set AU locally:Right click My Computer, click PropertiesClick Automatic Update tab, Check “Automatic (recommended).
Or use Microsoft updates site

Link: Windows service packs & updates

When you’re done updating…Security Center: make sure window is updated with the latest updates, Antivirus, Antispyware and firewall: Click Start and then click Control Panel, Security Center

Next steps: install the basic software

Desktop Tools

& Winrar, 7-Zip
CopernicDesktop Search
File-sharing: BitComet (Bitorrent has 50% of the Internet bandwidth), Emule0.47a-5.2.1
Free office suite: Openoffice
E-mail client: Mozilla Thunderbird Outlook 2003 Blue add-on

Configuring Pop3 Email Client at your computer
Enable POP in your Thunderbird Tutorial

Enable POP in your Gmail account (animated demo)

Viewers: Video, Audio, Codec & players
: Plays almost every Video, Audio
Files (No extra codec required).
IrfanView : Graphics Viewer
: View your Pictures
Replacement for Adobe Photoshop: The Gimp & Paint.NET
Open Image files (DMF, VHD,FAT, ISO): Winimage, DAEMON Tools,

Install Firefox Browser

Mozilla project

started in 1998, housed inside Netscape, started with 10 employees, Went public with 15, Firefox
have 100 million users, made 55million$ in 2005
AudioPill uses Firefox (Click here if you want the Portable Edition)
FireFox add-ons: IE Tab, Speed Test, Tab Effect, NoScript, Torbutton
More Info: Firefox Facts,
Windows Media Player
Plugin, Test
Note: If you choose to stay with IE make sure: Article , Browser Article

After all installations
I recommend you get to know the Startup tab of the Msconfig before so you start installing software on your computer, so you’d know which software is good & which is bad when you start having problems: Start up: Start, Run: MSCONFIG
: shows you what programs are configured to run during system boot up
or login.
Process Explorer Download

Cleanup Tools
Zappit System Cleaner

Tools for keeping track of the free space on your computer SpaceMonger v1.4.0, Folder Size, TreeSize

Use the Tools below only in case of a problem

User Profile Hive Cleanup Service
A service to help with slow log off and profile problems.
PC Decrapifier attempts to remove all of the crap on your PC that you never asked for.
Reset Registry Permissions: Reset the entire registry permissions to defaults

Tips & Tricks:
Nice Add-ons Launchy (File Indexer and directory walker).

Useable commands Start, Run:
Reset Windows File Protection: SFC.exe /scannow
Verify Unsigned Device Drivers: sigverif
Auto Logon to WinXP: Start/Run/control userpasswords2

Backwards compatibility
: Old games guide

Security Tips

Microsoft Private Folder : unlocks your private folder and prevents access.
Web Single Sign – Multi factor authentication
Something physical (card), something you are (fingerprint), something you remember (Pass).
I used to use RoboForm
How to surf the Web & read e-mail safely as an administrator
Basically, you create a shortcut using dropmyrights.exe
pointing to the application you want to run as a limited user.
Download DropMyRights.msi here

Useable commands Start, Run:

Set Windows Firewall on /off: netsh firewall set opmode mode = enable

Check listening ports: netstat –a -b
Fport: Identify unknown open ports and their associated applications
SuperScan Port scanner

Maintenance Tools

Online Checkers:
Check Internet speed: dslports , world map (Israel): adsltest bezeqint, Shimi, by country
Ynet article

What is my IP public Address: Tor Check, showmyip, ipid

DNS Tools: SG Network Tools ,
GRC: SecurAble Determine Processor Security Features

Online Services:
Large file sending: Yousendit , Sendspace ,Pando, transferbigfiles
Online Password Generator (GRC)
Video Converters: zamzar, mux
Online free PowerPoint: spresent

Remote Control Software

Logmein: 100% FREE to use View Flash Demo
Gotomypc: 30 days trial GoToMeeting
: 14 days trial, quicktour

Remote Tools that Requires Installation:
Remote Desktop, Articles: Concurrent Sessions, Guide

VNC: Setup on customer side: tightvnc-1.2.9, on your side: tightvnc-1.2.9 viewer , Guide
Hamachi vpn client: how (to create your own virtual private network with Hamach).
Remote SSH: putty.exe
FTP Client: FileZilla

Repair & Recover

Repairs various Windows problems, such as: Flush DNS, clean Temp files, Fix Windows Update errors ,
Restore default permissions, reset the time service, system file checker ,COM/ActiveX object errors and missing registry entries and more, Listen to A Podcast on the subject.

Windows XP Preinstalled Environment (PE-Builder + XPE Plugin) Howto, Video
Password Renew Must use it under WinPE/BartPE

NetworkMagic: Print Manager, File Sharing (good for Vista), Repair and
protect wireless connections, Monitor Internet
and network use.

: a collection of over 100 Free/Open
software CD Spiceworks : IT management softwareאודיופיל@AudioPill

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