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Oracle Vs MS-SQL

Oracle 10g vs. MS- SQL 2005 (or – Notepad Rules!)

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Guest: Shlomi Fanan
Music: Crying Is Done by Melodrome

Short comparison of the two main databases today using medium and large companies.
Including some new features, strengths and weaknesses.
Guest appearance of Shlomi with “The Database at the Core of Exchange 2007”.

Sigal”s link
“Features, strengths and weaknesses comparison between MS SQL 2005 (Yukon) and Oracle 10g databases”


Download SQL Server 2008
Sharing Microsoft SQL server 2005 Database in the LAN network
Download SQL
SQL Backup Checklist
Moving the Tempdb and Master Database in SQL Server
SQL podcast
video podcast SQL Server basics

Oracle 11g is expected to be released later in 2007
the, major reason for the upgrade appears to be better security features and compliance management.
The two main features: Audit vault and Information lifecycle management
Oracle Podcast

Exchange Database
Exchange Transactions and the Exchange Database Overview

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