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Online and offline Wars

AudioPill Episode 14 Online and offline Wars
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The new Google product that could augur the death of Microsoft

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A little Podcasting History-

Was first used as a synonym for audioblogging or weblog-based amateur radio in February 2004. One marker of podcasting’s astronomical growth is that in September 2004 a Google search on the word “podcasts” resulted in 24 hits
Today, that same Google search results in
115 million hits (January 16, 2005).
Taken from
Podcast Legal Guide

Google have required Microsoft to make changes to Vista

  • Microsoft response: There are three major changes being made to Vista via Service Pack 1, which the company says is expected in beta form by the close of the year.
  • Google had argued that it should be possible to disable Vista’s search entirely, and Microsoft has not accommodated this demand

In short, Vista’s search boxes will by and large return Vista’s own search results if you type text into them and hit return. Microsoft’s changes appear to mostly involve links to the “default” third party program, not a drop-in replacement.

Is It OK that Google Owns Us?

AudioPill Solution: Install CustomizeGoogle Firefox add-ons which you can use to block information from floating to Google.

Yahoo’s planned shutdown of Yahoo Photos

Being given the option of moving to Shutterfly, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish or Photobucket instead.
“No hard feelings,” says Yahoo, which is also offering users the option of downloading images or having them mailed on a CD
In March 2005 Yahoo! purchased another photo sharing site, Flickr.
Yahoo! photos will officially close down at Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 9 p.m. PDT. For more info about why Yahoo! photos is shutting down please click here

Microsoft Back to the Future

Apple: next major version of Mac OS X 10.5, code-named Leopard.Leopard’s new prominent feature is named: Time Machine

related articles: Leopard’s ‘Time Machine’ vs. Microsoft’s ‘System Restore
Is Apple’s Time Machine Built On Sun’s ZFS?

Apple News:

Leopard Boot Camp
fast switching” disappears

Apple Also released Safari for windows

Safari Update
Safari 3.0.1 update due to several security flaws that were discovered in the Windows version of Safari.

  • AudioPilL thinks that, we’ve got Firefox, IE, Opera
    Safari will not cause users to get much existed.

Online Offline

Lets start with simple example
iTunes is a classic example of this, with both an offline component available all the time, and a seamlessly integrated online component available when connected.

is an even better solution media library organizer
can surf to any website, not just one company’s dedicated store pages.

Tip: A tutorial on how to surf the Blubrry website using the open source media browser known as Songbird

Google Gear

Info- is a browser extension that will enable people to access their Web applications when working offline.
Google’s plug-in has a slight head start on two other promising products that, while very different, also aim to take Web services offline:
Adobe’s AIR
& Mozilla’s Firefox 3
which will be the first browser to sport built-in features for the purpose.

Adobe Air once named Apollo
Checkout Yosi Taguri blog for more information:
Six must-see Adobe AIR sample applications

Current Products:

A look at Google Reader the first Gears enabled program
which is an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed reader for blogs and news items.

Google Reader does not have a Search

Solution: a Greasemonkey script that provides us a search functions under Google Reader
That is uses Google Gears
it only can be used with Google Gears and Greasemonkey compatible web browsers

How it works?

Google Gears Requires:
Databasesql lite
Local Web ServerCache and serve application resources (HTML, JavaScript, images, etc.) locally
WorkerPoolAllows web applications to run JavaScript code in the background,
without blocking The main
page’s script execution.
= Under 1 megabyte in size!

API: The Company intends to work with all web community members to establish a standard which provides a consistent API for developers for offline functionality.

How the idea became?

At Google Developer Day 2007 at Madrid

Google said:
Gears introduces new JavaScript APIs for data storage, multi-threading and application caching features, enabling developers to bring offline capabilities to complex web applications. It confirmed the technology works with the main browsers on the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms”.
Related Articles: API Developer’s Guide , Video , zdnet article

Firefox 3.0

Tip: Firefox: Cmd+Shift+T
Currently in version:

Gran ParadisoLook Like this
Improvements to the password manager/provide a wide range of improvements to:
performance, stability, Protections and security.
Features: Web Page Tagging, Smart Folders, Saved searches,

Private Browsing: Put Firefox into a temporary state where no information about the
User’s browsing session is stored locally.
Also includes a new graphics rendering engine, codenamed “Cairo” (= Silverlight?).
Firefox Cario is great for drawing scalable interactive user interfaces, as well as video overlays, information visualization, maps, graphs and data driven graphics!

· Offline Web applications Support
Mozilla Foundation CEO Mitchell Baker says running web apps offline is a top priority for Firefox, and shipping versions already have some of the capability built in!


Microsoft – Upcoming products

Vista SP1
(latter half of 2007) Windows XP SP3 is scheduled to be released in the 1st half of 2008
Related links: Windows Service Pack Road Map, See how Windows changed from 1.0 to Vista
Internet Explorer 8 Beta to begin later this year

Office 14: pic
Office 2007 is Office 12
The Company skipped 13 for superstitious reasons.

Release dare: estimated for the first half of 2009
Cost to make: $930 million development.

document management , virtualized models, read article, Features

Google – Upcoming products news
Google reportedly planning to add close to 3,000 employees this year

Google buys new data center ayoa for 600 million $ (two building).

Google funny News:
Google Vidos Grabs Metacafe Videos, Book Publisher Google Stunt
Google Buys:
Google Buys More RSS Expertise with FeedBurner
The reasons: to improve Google’s analytics tools .
Google- tomorrows play groun
Google Labs:
A Look Under the Hood
Google Street View
Favorite Google Street View
Locations Top 15 Google Street View Sightings Competition

Top 100 Alternative search engines
new search engine in town named:
MyLiveSearch (Beta).
The results you see on a Google search are simply a list of pre-indexed sites that may have been crawled by Google 2 hours to 2 weeks prior to your search.

would return better, more relevant results than Google

  • claims to be the ‘first, true real- time search engine to appear on the www
  • claims your results will come back in seconds, and boasts them to be richer and more detailed than an index-based search such as Google, Yahoo, or Ask.
    MyLiveSearch turns your own computer into a ’super-spider’ to search it in real time,” How does it works?
    Search engines
    : Use of a browser plug-in
    Semantic search engines will do better than current search engines for questions that are longer, more complex, and that aren’t just seeking information that is “popular.”
    Don’t need to be better then Google 1% of the search market is worth over 1 billion dollars
    Google Calculator
    The End!





I’m Using AJAX technologies
I have Outlook-style interface
Seems like I’m always in beta
My current title is: 15 ,Episode 15
And I compare Web 2.0 web-based e-mail experience
I also compare antivirus products
Who I’m?
AudioPill Episode 15 Mail Services Comparison


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