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Exchange 2007

Episode 16
Exchange 2007 overview
and Google email migration tool

Join us when we talk about Microsoft Exchange 2007 with our Special guest Shlomi Fanan
Also include listener questions.
Enjoy …

Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007 was Design for 64 bit / 32 bit is a taste
64bit only: there are 32-bit version of Exchange 2007 but only the 64-bit version on Windows Server 2003 x64 will be supported.

if you want to incorporate Exchange 2007 into your SBS organization, you will need to have a standalone 64bit Windows Server 2003 as a member server in your SBS domain.
Custom Exchange installation

  • Exchange 2007 Setup (Nice GUI)
  • Mailbox Role: Email storage, Public folders
  • Client Access Role: (Front end server) blue OWA, POP, IMAP
  • Hub Transport Role: Active Directory Security Policies
  • Edge Transport Role: Anti spam & Antivirus policies
  • Unified Messaging Rule: communication between Telephony systems to Exchange server
  • Readiness Checks
  • Management Tools
  • Mailbox, PST File and Public Folder Management
    Microsoft wanted to stop supporting Public Folder to push for SharePoint

Exchange 2007 rules Video

  • edge transport role (DMZ).
  • hub transport role (simple install).
  • unified messaging role (Voice,fax).
  • mailbox role (simple install).
  • client access role (simple install, Front End).

Upgrade Info

No In place upgrade – Install New Exchange server, Move Mailboxes and remove old Exchange 2003 Server / you have to remove the connectors before you can move the member

Move mailbox can be scheduled

Then you can uninstall the old server (You’ll need the Exchange CD in order to UN install)

You’ll need to Display Routing Group in order to see it

Exchange 2007 Videos
Part 1 – Introduction to all of the new features that will be covered in the reviews (3.5 minutes)

Part 2 – disaster recovery features (13 minutes)

Part 3 – Unified Messaging (12 minutes)

Part 4 – Outlook Web Access 2007 (27 minutes)

Part 5 – Mobility features (13 minutes)

Part 6 – 64-bit technology (11 minutes)

Part 7 – management features (21 minutes)

Part 8 – compliance features (17 minutes)

Part 9 – edge services (6.5 minutes)

Exchange Podcasts:
TechNet Webcast: Exchange Server 2007 Overview (Level 200)
TechNet Webcast: Key Exchange Server 2007 Scenarios (Level 300)


Announced support for the Imap protocol

We are able now to export all of the e-mail account out of any IMAP compatible server

A new email migration tool by Google, self-service wizard which uses the IMAP protocol to suck all the e-mail out of an IMAP compatible server like Microsoft’s Exchange and import it into an organization’s instance
Google Apps.

After the migration process we should be able to access Gmail’s new address book by clicking on “choose from contacts” link.

Articles and podcasts from Zdnet
Thanks Zimbra, Hello Google Apps
More articles: Google BlogSpot

The first question is what substitute do we move to and why?
Why should we consider moving off from Exchange Server to a substitute Server?

All are available today for free of charge.
Otherwise we have to purchase a license from Microsoft, both for the OS and for the Exchange.

  • 700$ for Exchange 2007
  • 630$ for Windows 2003 Server Standard
  • $3,999 for Exchange enterprise
  • Plus ,You will still have to buy hardware for the server.

What is Google Apps? Intro

  • Google Apps is a hosted “office Service” but mostly a hosted email service, for organizations.
  • Google Apps page the email migration tool is listed under the Google Apps Premier Edition
  • Features
  • Offers 2 GB / account (Premier Edition offers 10 GB).
  • Costs $50 per user and offers 10 GB in email storage.
  • Google Claims, they have improved Google Apps
  • Docs & Spreadsheets suppose to be much easier for users with better way for document search and organize.
  • Google promises a completely new layout for the document management interface of Google Docs (June 27),
  • GMail uses a tagging system – emails can be tagged with multiple tags
  • sort of like being able to store one e-mail in multiple folders.
  • Google Talk Based on Adobe’s Flash technology
  • among other updates, you’ll be able to add more gadgets to your start page, including the Google Talk Gadget.

The biggest problem with the Google Apps service is that it can’t go into an offline mode.
But now that Google has introduced Google Gears

Migration to Google Apps article for more info

we don’t think google can offer a real alternative for Ms Exchange
Though for small business it can be much chipper solution (up to 30 uses).

Maybe something will change in the near future…

Upcoming episode (17): For all who find the Databases world interesting:
Next episode we will be focusing on “Databases

Exchange Databases
What is a database?
What are the types?
How to choose the correct database for your needs?

Shlomi will be joining us again to talk about the Exchange Databases aspects.



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