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Emergency Wireless Security Podcast!

AudioPill Episode 5
Emergency Wireless Security Podcast!
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What is Wireless?
Wireless networking is a very short-range radio broadcast.
WiFi Protected Access networks, they are only as good as the quality of the password because their weakness is brute-force attack

WEP can be cracked in about one minute!!!

The Story:
Three Folks at Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany have managed to extract a 104-bit WEP key in three seconds
They demonstrated how they could crack WEP and the encryption key being used in under a minute, when before it was required 5 million packets to access WEP now it requires 4000K

The amount of time it takes to hack an encrypted wireless network is dependent on the amount of traffic. Less traffic means the hack will take more time and vise versa…
Basic wireless security
For example: aircrack suite and PTW tools are just few Out of many tools that can perform WEP / Wireless Hacking.
They do it by packet capture, packet injection MAC Address Spoofing and WEP/WPA cracking.

So what to do?

First set up your router:
For that you will require the IP Address of the router
Can be found in your router’s manual or at the manufacturer’s webpage
Master list can be found here:
and also here:

Once you are in:
Change your router’s default user ID and password
Encrypt your wireless connection, preferably with WPA
WEP : Wired Equivalent Privacy
WPA : WiFi Protected Access
Use GRC Password Generator:

Change your network name or SSID : Security Set IDentifier
The SSID is the name of your wireless network.

Disable Universal Plug and Play Service
Use GRC UnPlug n’ Pray to make sure:

Disable WAN ping response
Disable remote management

Other Podcast on the subject:

So be prepared…
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Bye bye…

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