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Online and Offline Wars


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Silverlight, Silverlight & co, Online & Offline Wars, Mail services Comparison

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Google Gears
I click an offline icon, and RTM temporarily stores my to-do on my PC and uses bits of Javascript code stored locally to let me add, delete, and edit tasks. I can add items to my list while on a plane or in a car. Once I’m online again, it syncs everything back to the Web.

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June 21, 2007 - Posted by | Adobe's AIR, Adobe’s Flash, Antivirus comparatives, API, Apollo, Audible, Audiopill, AVG free anti-virus, Avira, Avira AntiVir, Back to the Future,, Browse Anonymously, Cario, Fiji, Firefox 3, Flash player, Gmail, Google Apps, Google Gear, Google Owns Us, google Reader, Googlepages, Gran Paradiso, Hotmail Live, Hotmail Live Vs Gmail Vs YahooMail, IE, iTunes, JavaScript, Leopard, LocalWebServer, Mozilla's Firefox 3, MyLiveSearch, Next generation of Software & Technologies, Office 14, Office live, Online and Offline Wars, Open Source, Podcast, Podcasting History, Robot Chicken, Safari, Safari for windows, Scrybe, Silverlight, Songbird, sql lite, Street View, Technology, Time Machine, Top 100 Alternative search engines, Topics: Google Vs Microsoft, TorrentSpy Spy, Vista Desktop Search Claims, Vista SP1, Web 2.0, Web Scraping, Windows Live Hotmail, WorkerPool, Yahoo photos shutting down, YahooMail, Yosi Taguri

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