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AudioPill the podcast with the Excessive Shownotes


AudioPill Silverlight Episodes: 1213
Full Shownotes: Here
Listen to the podcast: Silverlight
Yosi Taguri Developer & Platform Adoption Group , Microsoft Israel

Other topics: Adobes Flash, Firefox 3, Cario, Gran Paradiso,Tab Effect ,Metaliq, Top Banana,Mix, NetFlix ,POPfly, Scrybe, Google, Google Gear , google Reader, sql lite, LocalWebServer, WorkerPool, API, Flex , Apollo,Photosynth, Microsoft Surface, Ted, Flash player, vector graphics, raster graphics, Sound files, video files, .NET, Mac, Safari, JavaScript, pipes, 3D, browser, platform, XAML .


June 13, 2007 - Posted by | .NET, 3D, ActiveX, Adobe’s Flash, API, Apollo, Audiopill,, browser, Cario, Firefox, Firefox 3, Flash player, Flex, Gmail, Google, Google Apps, Google Gear, google Reader, Gran Paradiso, IE, JavaScript, LocalWebServer, Mac, Metaliq, Microsoft Surface, Mix, NetFlix, Office live, Photosynth, pipes, platform, Podcast, POPfly, raster graphics, Safari, Scrybe, Silverlight, Sound files, sql lite, Tab Effect, Technology, Ted, Top Banana, VC1 codec, vector graphics, video files, Web 2.0, Windows Live Hotmail, WorkerPool, XAML, YahooMail, Yosi Taguri, youtube, zimbra

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